smartmonitor - The Swiss Legislative Database

The smartmonitor database provides the scientific community with basic data on the Swiss parliament, the Federal Assembly. It is an open-access database, maintained by the Political Research Network Politools.

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General terms of use

All data exports are free of charge. Please note, however, the legal limitations applying to data usage: The data is for scientific/analytical purpose only. Commercial usage of any kind is not allowed. If the data is used for analytical purposes outside basic research (e.g. for commissioned studies/reports, articles in newspapers/magazines, or for contributions in the electronic media), the database provider is entitled to charge a moderate fee which will be reinvested in the development of the smartmonitor project. We strongly appeal to your fairness: please contact in this case the project team in advance.

Politools, the operator of the smartmonitor database, excludes warranty regarding completeness and/or accuracy of the provided data. Users are aware that the operator disclaims liability in any context.

In publications please cite the data source as follows:
smartmonitor - The Swiss Legislative Database,, accessed [date].